"I’ve been out to visit Checkpoint One a handful times. My first visit, I was in a horribly yuck place. I was worried that the horses would know, that they would avoid me. To my surprise it was opposite, or at least for the one horse I spent time with. She came to me. Let me pet her. When she rested her head on my shoulder and I couldn’t help but hug her neck. I was able to just hug her for a long time. I finally cried. I needed that. I realized that I hadn't cried in so long and that I hadn’t let anyone give me a hug in so long, Horse hugs are way different than human hugs. After that first visit, I went back several more times, and I was able to just share my story, and talk about it. Each time the same horse always stood with me. I swear she knew I needed her. With her next to me it was easier to talk.  I hope someone else out there who is struggling with something will read this and reach out to Checkpoint.’

- Spouse


“After meeting failure time after time through benefits offered to veterans, I stumbled upon Check Point One. It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to slowly put my guard down and realize I can make progress and not have their system fail me as other systems have. Not only am I allowed to work on myself, they allow me to do it with methods I’ve never seen…through horses. The counselors and staff are great. Many of them have ‘walked the walk’ and can ‘talk the talk.’ They really do care. They put their heart and soul into what they do and they live and breath to help veterans, first-responders, and their families.”

 – Veteran Client


“To me, words will never be enough to express how grateful I am for my experience at Checkpoint One. I was hesitant at first about the experience, but after the first day, I knew I was well on my way to finding a way to manage and overcome some of my greatest obstacles. Thanks to the horses, Andy, and the staff at Checkpoint One, my quality of life, marriage, and work life have improved drastically.”

 – Firefighter/Medic


“It is comforting to know that if myself, or people I work with have issues that we can not deal with on our own that they are only a phone call away any time, day or night, 24/7 365 days a year.  There is no amount of money you can quantitatively put on that type of dedication and commitment! The dedication to military veterans, first-responders, law enforcement, and their families at no cost is absolutely incredible.”

– Firefighter




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