For three full days, eight participants will be immersed in a hands-on experience in which they will learn to safely gentle, and handle a wild horse under the supervision and guidance of experienced clinicians.


The objective of this amazing experience is to create an experience and journey of ‘building relationship.’ A relationship is built over the course of three days between horses and humans, using kind techniques based on horse psychology rather than forceful tactics to influence the horse’s behavior.  At the end of the three days, often participants walk away with transformative life skills, and with the notion that “I did not gentle the mustang as much as it gentled me.” 


This three day experience is open to only eight participants who are within Checkpoint One’s population. Checkpoint One is a non-profit organization located in Doswell Va. Their mission is to provide services, at no cost and no insurance requirements, to any status Military, First Responders and their families to support mental well-being and to provide techniques for stress reduction that result from high stress careers, life or other issues. These services include non-riding equine assisted therapies, yoga, mindfulness, meditation training, and outdoor activities and exercises.  


Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue is dedicated to saving wild and domestic horses from abuse, neglect, and slaughter. Lifesavers has been in operation since 2002 and is now the largest horse rescue in the United States in terms of how many horses under its care and its many programs that spell out S.H.A.R.E. – Sanctuary, Healing, Adoption, Rescue, and Education.


The overall three day experience will involve wild horse gentling and ground training instructed by professional skilled mustang trainers from Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue. Participants will be partnered with a wild mustang in a round pen and they will have the opportunity to connect with a wild horse helping it to learn to trust humans and preparing it for a life of domestication. The entire three days consists of ground activities only. There will be no riding activities.  No previous horse experience is necessary – individuals will learn everything they need to know from the trainers.


Checkpoint One’s team will provide education and training on daily grounding activities, stress management, and body awareness techniques that will not only help participants as they build a relationship with the horse, but will become skills they can apply in all areas of their careers and life.


Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day for all participants and on Saturday evening there will be an informal cook out dinner at Checkpoint One facility.


The entire three day event will be open to all who wish to watch, listen, and learn.  Audit Tickets will be available for purchase online or at the gate the day of.


The Mustangs coming from the event have traveled a long way to get to the east coast! They will have a home at Checkpoint One after the event, but all the participants will have the option to adopt them.  If not adopted, the mustangs will integrated into Checkpoint One’s equine programs. 







It is the goal of this event to allow the 8 participants to be fully funded and sponsored.  We want this amazing opportunity to be at NO COST for them. 


A FULL Participant Sponsorship for this three day experience is $900 


The Sponsor can choose to send an individual of their knowing as long as they are within Checkpoint One’s population or they can allow Checkpoint One team to choose an applicant.


Marketing, Social Media exposure, and event presence needs of sponsors can be discussed with the Checkpoint One Staff.


Other ways to sponsor…..


We need Food Sponsorships for the participants, the trainers, and the staff running this 3 day program!


Details:    15-20 people


Friday, Saturday, Sunday Breakfast

Friday, Saturday, Sunday Lunch


Saturday Dinner at Checkpoint One


Water Bottle donations


Snack donations


Able to deliver food within an hour of scheduled time (Meadow Event Park, Doswell Va) Set up and serving is not necessary – Mobile Vendors have the opportunity to sell their food services to the auditors/public at the event.


Able to make or offer allergy, food sensitivities, and vegetarian/vegan options and/or adjustments.


Marketing, Social Media exposure, and event presence needs of food sponsors can be discussed with the Checkpoint One Staff.


We need Mustang Sponsorships……


Each horse has hay and grain needs daily.

They also have veterinarian, farrier, and other needs to keep them safe and happy.


Hay & Grain Sponsorship for One horse per month is $255

Hay & Grain Sponsorship for One horse per Year is $3060


Veterinarian Care varies but standard Vaccinations take place 2x a year – please inquire about Veterinarian Sponsorships


Farrier Care can vary for Mustangs but typically take place every 8 weeks and are $40 each visit – that’s about 6 visits a year. 


Farrier Sponsorship for One 8 week cycle - $40

Farrier Sponsorship for One year - $240


Marketing, Social Media exposure, and event presence needs of Mustang sponsors can be discussed with the Checkpoint One Staff.


To inquire about any forms of sponsorship or donations – Please contact


Andy Kaufmann - Executive Director

804-876-0423 –



Checkpoint One is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

EIN 81-4192700

PO Box 280 

Doswell, Va 23047

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