Join Us Today in Reaching our $100k Fundraiser Goal!

For more than 3 years, Checkpoint One has supported our local military, first responder, and trauma community.  More than 1,000 people have walked our fields and engaged with our horses and donkeys.  We have provided a safe space for whatever they no cost.  In 2019, we provided over 400 sessions, and this year we are expected to provide well over 500 more with the need growing daily.

2020 has hit everyone hard.  It’s hit us hard. Our communities are experiencing unprecedented events, and grant support and donations have begun to dry up.  Unless we raise significant funding, we will need to bring our program to a limited operating status starting in October 2020.  This will make Checkpoint One services less available during a period of time where we are needed the most. 
The front line workers in public safety, medical, and Military are under more stress than ever before.  Our Checkpoint One team provides crisis intervention, suicide prevention education, mental health therapy, Peer Support team training, and other stress management coaching/activities AT NO COST to our military, local first responder,  and trauma community.   


Our goal is to raise $100k  - to help ensure we can continue to offer our free services and support to our front-line community. 

$100,000 will allow us to be at full operating status for whole another year! 

Personal Check Donations can be Sent to

Checkpoint One 

Po Box 280 

Doswell Va 23047


The year 2020 has not been kind to us..... virus or no virus; our mission continues.

As our community shifts around us, our commitment to those that serve the community DOES NOT.

Checkpoint One provides non-riding, equine assisted therapy at no cost or insurance requirements to any status Military and First Responder (police and other law enforcement, fire, EMS, Trauma/ER Nurses and Doctors, 911 Dispatchers, Caregivers)

Checkpoint One is an Outpatient facility only. Please ensure that you have contacted us for an appointment

prior to visiting the facility due to client confidentiality. You can contact us at​



Checkpoint One is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

EIN 81-4192700

PO Box 280 

Doswell, Va 23047

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